Steve Detter, Pharmacist/Owner

Steve grew up west of here, in Hickory, NC. Our “Energizer Bunny” has been working since he was nine years old when he began helping an older boy with a paper route. At twelve, he was old enough to have a route of his very own. Already cultivating his customer service skills, Steve earned $100 in tips one Christmas on his 100 person paper route!

The fall of 1969 took Steve to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he would earn his bachelor of science degree in Pharmacy in 1974.

Steve’s entire career has been spent serving the healthcare needs of folks in Alamance County. Fresh out of pharmacy school, Steve spent a number of years at South Court Drug in Graham. From there, he worked at Carolina Drug in Mebane with Phil Minton. (Coincidentally, these were the family pharmacists of the girl partner Robbin Lee would marry.) In 1984, Steve and Phil Minton decided to venture out on their own, opening and operating Crescent Drug in Graham for better than a decade. A buyout by Revco Drug Stores (now operating as CVS/Pharmacy) would eventually place Steve as partner to Broughton Sellers and Robbin Lee. Truly functioning as a cohesive family unit there for years, the guys were the proverbial dad (Broughton), big brother (Robbin) and uncle (Steve) of the group.

Ever the animal lover, Steve is known to have a ready supply of cat food in his vehicle in case he comes across any felines in need of food or rescue. And any dog is definitely “a lucky dog” to have Steve as his/her human. This love of the natural world doesn’t stop with the four-legged folks, Steve avidly works to protect our environment, having even converted his vehicle so that he can use biofuel.

Frequently found atop a bicycle, Steve has been riding for both recreation and charitable causes for years. One of his favorites, Cycle North Carolina, is a yearly recreational ride that begins in the mountains and culminates on the coast a week later. Riding 100+ miles per day is just the kind of “relaxation” this guy looks forward to. Among charitable cycling events, Steve is noted as one of three riders who has consistently participated in the Tour de Tanglewood MS (multiple sclerosis) Ride for more than 25 years. And while it seems a little crazy to the rest of us, Steve thinks the most invigorating way to start a day is with an early morning, 18 mile bike ride to work!

These past several years have been fabulous for Steve. In addition to the excitement of developing and opening Total Care Pharmacy with two of his favorite people, an even bigger adventure awaited him. In December 2016, Steve became the husband of Total Care Pharmacy’s lovely Bridget Strickland and was honored to become stepdad to Cody.

What is Steve’s favorite part of Total Care Pharmacy? “It’s such a privilege to be able to make meeting the needs of your patients priority number one.”


Robbin Lee, pharmacist/owner

Robbin is a lifetime resident of Burlington and grew up the son of career teachers at area high schools. After graduation from Cummings High School in 1981, Robbin spent the next four years at NC State University (Go Wolfpack!) earning Bachelor of Science degrees in zoology and education. Like his parents, Robbin was drawn to education and spent a year teaching science at North Garner Middle School before being enticed back to school to study yet another science curriculum, pharmacy.

The next several years would place Robbin at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s School of Pharmacy. Not long after this return to school, Robbin met and married Tracy Tilley from Mebane. Having been married for almost 30 years now, Robbin is fond of saying that he is “serving 30 to life!” Over the course of these years, Robbin and Tracy added daughters Madison (Maddie) and Spencer to the family, along with a number of beloved dogs and cats.

Until leaving to open Total Care Pharmacy, Robbin had spent his entire pharmacy career with CVS/Pharmacy (formerly Revco). For close to 20 of his 24 years with CVS, Robbin was lucky enough to partner with Broughton Sellers, developing trusted relationships with patients and practitioners alike. Roughly a dozen years in, Steve Detter joined the team.

When he’s not working, Robbin has a couple of hobbies to keep him busy. For the last decade or so, he has participated in an activity called “geocaching.” Geocaching is famously described as “using billion dollar satellites to find Tupperware containers hidden in the woods!” Websites list GPS coordinates for locales where another participant has placed a container of varying size and often of deceptive design/decor. The real fun is in the hunt, but sometimes there are “treasures” within.

Having learned to scuba dive in college, this hobby has been resurrected over the last several years. Robbin has recently earned certification as Dive Master and become a member of the Alamance County Rescue Squad as a volunteer diver.

“It’s been a privilege to spend so many years serving the same area. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my customers and having a decades-long relationship with them.”


Broughton Sellers, pharmacist/owner

Broughton, known to some as Al (or even “Owl” - Be sure and ask to hear that story; it’s a HOOT!), grew up in Asheboro,NC. After graduating from Asheboro High School in 1961, Broughton attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on an academic scholarship.

After earning his Bachelor of Science degree from UNC’s School of Pharmacy, Broughton returned to his hometown to work in community pharmacy at Kearns Drug. Broughton expanded his involvement within the Asheboro community, volunteering time with the Asheboro Jaycees and eventually serving as president of the local chapter.

When the Vietnam War came calling, Broughton was commissioned as a Naval officer (Lieutenant, Jr Grade) into the Medical Service Corps. He served three years as Chief Pharmacy Officer at the Camp LeJeune Naval Hospital. This time at Camp LeJeune served him well, introducing him to a tall, blue-eyed beauty from Boston. This lovely young woman served as a nurse for the US Navy and BC (as she is known) would go on to become the missus to this mister. BC says her main attraction to Broughton was that his room at the officer’s quarters had air conditioning! That’s a smart girl right there.

After discharge from the US Navy, Broughton and BC moved to Burlington where he would spend the next five years working for SuperX Drugs. Broughton spent the following 36 years working at the same location for CVS/Pharmacy (formerly Revco Drug Stores.) It should come as no surprise that this gentleman, who has spent so many years caring for his fellow folk, is still often referred to as “Doc” by some of his career-long patients.

When not working, Broughton has always enjoyed spending time with BC and their children, JJ, Mandy and Scott. When the kids were young, sports were usually part of the fun. While it’s almost hard to recall now, soccer hasn’t always been a sport found in our area. A longtime fan of the game, Broughton was one of the founding members of the Burlington Youth Soccer Association and spent many enjoyable years coaching area youth in the recreation league. (In fact, as a small homage to Broughton’s passion for getting kids involved with soccer, Total Care Pharmacy has sponsored several youth soccer teams.)

Ever the family man, Broughton has relished time spent with the grandchildren. There isn’t much that can bring a bigger smile to his face than hearing from Neil, Monica, Sutton or Hazel. And as if that isn’t joyful enough, the first great-grandchild, Olivia Rose, has recently been added to the fold. If he’s not with the grandchildren, you’re likely to find Broughton reading, gardening or taking in UNC athletics events. Any time spent enjoying the company of his lovely bride makes for a great day, though we can’t help but point out that she seems to keep him at work most of the time!

While he could have settled for retirement in recent years, Broughton really wanted to get back to his roots of community pharmacy. So, rather than taking it easy, together with friends and business partners Robbin Lee and Steve Detter, Broughton set off on yet another venture and opened Total Care Pharmacy. “The main focus of my career has been building relationships and being a good listener. I’ve been blessed to have been surrounded with great coworkers who have shared the philosophy, ‘If you take care of your patients, everything else will fall into place.’”


Bridget Detter, Certified Pharmacy Technician

Bridget has been with Total Care Pharmacy since the idea was just a twinkle in the eyes of Steve, Robbin and Broughton! Bridget is a hometown girl who grew up in the Saxapahaw area of Alamance County and enjoys the peace and tranquility of country living. Not surprisingly, this family oriented soul lives just next door to her “Mama” and brother Dusty. Happily married to our own Steve Detter, Bridget is also loving mom to son Cody, one of our customer service representatives. (Keeping it all in the family!) Bridget doesn’t let any grass grow under her feet. She keeps busy with lots of projects. There are scrapbooking, sewing, making jewelry, outdoor activities and travel just to name a few. In fact, Bridget is the official “Cruise Princess” of Total Care Pharmacy and happily plays unofficial travel agent for the rest of us! One of Bridget’s FAVORITE travel destinations is Disney World. She may well be second only to Walt himself in her love for the happiest place on Earth! “We are all one big happy family here and enjoy treating our customers the same way.”


Christy, Certified Pharmacy Technician

Christy has more than 13 years of experience in the pharmacy workplace. We have been lucky enough to have Christy with us since day one here at Total Care Pharmacy. This Graham, NC native still resides there, sharing the good life with husband of 14 years, Jason, 12 year old Mollie and 9 year old Lane. Family fun includes lots of boating and wakeboarding when the warmer months roll around. Christy “enjoys” a good workout to stay physically active throughout the year. During quiet times, you’ll find her with her nose deep in a good book. A relaxed working atmosphere where your employers and coworkers feel like family are the reason Christy looks forward to coming to work each day. And we look forward to having her here as well!


Teari, Certified Pharmacy Technician

Teari (It’s pronounced “Terry,” but she is relentlessly teased and called “Teary-Eye!”) grew up a bit north of here. Lockhaven, PA was home to this girl until she was swept off her feet by a handsome young man named Josh and brought here to settle in southern Alamance County. Married since 2013, Teari and Josh added beautiful baby girl Elliana, aka “Ellie,” in January 2016, a much anticipated event for the Total Care Pharmacy family. Teari, Josh and Ellie spend a lot of time participating in events and programs with their church. Having been with us since the beginning, Teari is well familiar with “the gang” and commits her fair share of antics! Among Teari’s unofficial duties was creating the company Swear Jar and keeping (mild and occasional) “offenders” honest with their tally. Having crystal clean language herself, Teari adds to the Swear Jar when she omits the verb tense “to be,” which is apparently part of the regional dialect from the great state of PA! “It’s always a pleasure to help our customers and I really enjoy getting to know them all. My coworkers and bosses feel like family and these folks go above and beyond the call of duty here more than at any other place I have ever worked.”


Nichole, Certified Pharmacy Technician

Burlington native Nichole is relatively new to the Total Care Pharmacy family, but we look forward to marking many years of anniversaries with her. Happily married, this young mom enjoys spending free time basking in the joy of parenthood. Every day is an adventure in fun with one year old Emalee. Nichole’s favorite things about working at Total Care Pharmacy are hearing pharmacist Robbin Lee’s near constant laughing as well as the surprise and subtlety of Broughton Seller’s dry wit!


Stephanie, Certified Pharmacy Technician

Joining us in November of 2016 was Stephanie, Graham, NC born and bred. Full-time employment at the UNC Campus Health Pharmacy keeps this girl pretty busy, but we are lucky enough to have her help us out on occasional Saturdays. Always up for a workout at the gym, Stephanie may sneak in a little shopping on her way there! She finds that a good read makes for a relaxing activity. And how she finds time we don’t know, but Stephanie also volunteers at the local animal shelter. But no day is ever complete without fully enjoying the company of husband Travis and children Jaxon and Emma. Stephanie “just loves her sweet coworkers” at Total Care Pharmacy and enjoys interacting with our patients. We are so happy that she has joined us!


Christine, Pharmacy Technician

The Finger Lakes region of western New York is a bit less mild a climate than we are used to here in North Carolina. Christine, who holds Bachelor’s degrees in Art and French from Marymount College of Fordham University, learned that on what was supposed to be a quick road trip one weekend. That quick trip was intended to return her sister to Elon University after winter break in 1998. What a long weekend that has turned out to be! Christine found our little neck of the woods so inviting that she never went back. Western New York’s loss was Alamance County’s gain and in 2015, Total Care Pharmacy was lucky enough to lure Christine into joining our team. That art degree is well suited to Christine who is always creating something fabulous. With her skills as a framer, she will always be able to make a great display for her two dimensional works. Travel serves as enjoyment and inspiration for this artsy girl. As for relaxing, nothing beats curling up with a good book, except when our resident coffee junkie gets to curl up with a good book AND a tasty cup of Joe. To really get the adrenaline pumping, Christine turns to sports of all kinds, but baseball, that great American pastime, holds a special place in her heart. And speaking of heart, remember that sister we spoke of earlier? Well, she never left our fair city either. She married and supplied Christine with the cutest niece she could have ever hoped for. Christine stays very busy vying for ways to win the title “Best Aunt In The Whole Wide World.” We think she may actually get it one day! “The reason I love working here at Total Care is that we really do provide care at a level that people consider “above and beyond,” but it is simply who we are. It’s in our DNA; truly our mission to serve the needs of our patients by whatever means necessary to give them the best care that we absolutely can.”


Donna, Lead Customer Service Representative

Donna grew up in Alamance County, even, coincidentally, having gone to high school with the girl pharmacist Robbin Lee would marry, lo, those many years ago! In another coincidence, Donna was the last person Robbin hired before leaving his previous employer to open Total Care Pharmacy with Steve and Broughton. It’s kismet. Donna was meant to be here with us and in mid 2014, she fulfilled that prophetic destiny! As Donna arrives home from work each day, she is joyfully greeted by a pudgy little bundle of caramel colored fur, bouncing on four legs. This perky pooch would be Jazzy, Donna’s delightful little housemate. Reading and creating different craft projects provide enjoyment for Donna in her off time, but nothing beats spending time with her beloved grandchildren, Hailey and Noah. “I love being part of something that makes a difference in the lives of others so working at Total Care Pharmacy helps fuel my passion for helping people. We truly do care about our patients and each other which makes coming to work a joy. Every day provides a new opportunity to interact with a variety of people. Our goal is to make a sincere connection with each and every one soul. Fostering relationships with our customers is an opportunity we relish!”


Cody, Customer Service

Born and raised here in Burlington, Cody has been with Total Care Pharmacy since July 2014. Cody is in his last year of high school and is looking forward to furthering his educational interests which include photography, videography and acting.“I really enjoy talking to all of our amazing customers and it’s a great to feel that my coworkers are really family”


Logan, Customer Service Representative

Logan is a transplant from Richlands, VA, but has spent most of his years here in Burlington, NC. He has been with Total Care Pharmacy since the summer of 2015. A high school senior, Logan has always had an avid affection for the outdoors. Hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities occupy Logan’s spare time. Logan hopes to parlay this love of nature to a career in forestry or perhaps as a game warden. Of his experience with Total Care Pharmacy, Logan says, “I like meeting new people every day and enjoy helping them.”


Leslie, Administrative Assistant

Yet another Alamance County native, Leslie grew up in what, in the days of yore, was the wee little town of Mebane, NC. Having worked for a number of years at another employer with Steve, Robbin, Broughton and Bridget, joining Total Care Pharmacy in the spring of 2016 was “coming home again” for Leslie. Recently widowed, having lost her husband to a battle with cancer, that concept of being part of a family, even under the guise of work, underscores how important those supportive relationships are. Hopefully it makes a great burden, a little easier to bear. As she and her handsome sons, Logan and Elijah, resume daily living, Leslie makes sure to incorporate some of their favorite activities in to spare time. A new adventure in travel always makes for a fun and memorable experience with the boys. Additionally, Leslie enjoys reading, listening to music and indulging her creative side with a craft.