A Letter From Our Pharmacists

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

During the fall of 2012, after a lifetime of working for a national chain pharmacy, we began discussing ways to maximize efficiency and provide a greater level of patient care. We came to the realization that strengthening our dedication to personal service could best be achieved by opening our own pharmacy, one where EVERY decision would be patient based. We wanted to create an atmosphere where each patient would feel that they belong, where they would know us as neighbors and friends.

Convenience was key for us in choosing a location. We’re just 500 yards or so from where you used to find us. A stoplight at our location means it’s always easy to get in and out. Parking is mere feet from our front door and you are able to see our pharmacists as soon as you walk in. We’ve got just enough space to have everything you need and nothing you don’t! And while we are open a few less hours than the big box pharmacies, we are ALWAYS available to you for a prescription emergency. That was part of our plan from the beginning.

We are still doing all the things that you need and expect from a pharmacy. And in this environment, we’re able to go above and beyond. That’s our goal. We work hard each and every day to ensure your health and to save you as much money as we possibly can. In fact, you may have seen us on a WGHP Fox8 news broadcast. We were reporter Shelley Roupas’ professional source for her story, “Easy Ways to Save Big Bucks on Prescription Medications.” (Watch the story here: http://myfox8.com/2014/11/06/easy-way-to-save-big-bucks-on-prescription-medications/)

The three of us, Steve Detter, Robbin Lee and Broughton Sellers (fresh out of retirement!) have been the pharmacists/owners of Total Care Pharmacy since its conception and things are ALMOST perfect. What’s missing? You are! Come by and see for yourself what personal service in healthcare looks like. We’d love to see you, even if you’re just coming by to say hello.