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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"All of the staff, and the knowledgeable pharmacist, are friendly and very helpful. They're great at reminding you that your medicine needs to be refilled."

"Great people and service!!"

"Pharmacists and staff"

"Personal service"

"Pharmacists & staff"

"Local people helping local people"

"The friendliness, and the warm and inviting feeling. The fast and accurate filling of my prescriptions - even if they have to be ordered, they arrive quickly. The knowledge and helpfulness of the pharmacists is greatly appreciated."

"This is by far the best pharmacy I have ever used! All employees are extremely courteous and call me by name. The pharmacists are also very helpful in finding ways to save you money by locating coupons for your meds."

"Friendly and helpful staff!"

"Steve was our pharmacist when we lived in Greensboro. We moved several years ago and were happily shocked when we saw he was opening a store right down the street from us here!"

"Caring, helpful, and friendly"

"The pharmacists are friendly and caring people. They are quick at getting the refills you request."

"The caring and professional staff."


"Great customer service from everyone!"

"Competent staff, great customer service, short wait time, knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly"

"Steve, Bridgett, Christine, Robbin, Broughton, Donna, and anyone that I missed by name that I might not know personally - I LOVE YOU GUYS!! You're the BEST!!"

"The friendliness and competency of the staff at TCP is far better than any competition in the surrounding area. I recommend TCP to everyone."


"Everyone is so friendly and willing to help. I love that you guys do the research to make sure you charge me the lowest amount possible whether that's through insurance or via self-pay."

"It's a hometown pharmacy as opposed to a chain. All employees are extra cordial, willing to help, give information, and also save me money."

"Personal care"

"Local people"


"Friendliness of the staff"


"It's the best!!"


"Very friendly pharmacy with helpful service. We love using Total Care Pharmacy. They go above and beyond to meet our needs."

"I enjoy the people, and level of caring that they convey. This is the absolute best pharmacy in terms of the people caring about each individual, and showing it. I WILL NOT go anywhere else!"

"Great customer service at Total Care Pharmacy - much better than at large chain pharmacies."

"Knowledgeable, kind, friendly, fast, simple, easy"

"Everyone is so friendly and willing to help."

"You know my name! Fast, efficient, and friendly with a family atmosphere."

"Amazingly friendly and caring staff."

"Someone actually answers the phone."

"There are not many places you can do business with, if you are from out of town, and be assured of prompt, accurate refills. Best pharmacy ever !!"


"The pharmacists"

"They personalize everything they do. If there's a problem with the prescription, they work hard to get it resolved."

"I love the one-on-one attention I get! Small-town feel, like they know every customer! Thanks!"

"Delivers to Elon"

"It is the best pharmacy in the United States by far. I love the staff, the pharmacist, and the small-town feel in such a big county."

"The people, and the caring attitude of service."

"Fast and efficient service inside; excellent service from drive-thru"

"Everyone is caring and helpful."

"Our pharmacists!"

"Friendly and helpful service"

"The people"

"Pharmacists and staff"

"The people and how friendly they are."


"LOVE the easy parking; you know my name; you try to find the least expensive means available for my meds"

"Friendly, convenient, local, and super good people"

"The people are so good, and they're fast and friendly."

"Very friendly, and very efficient, employees and pharmacists."

"Friendly and know our names!"

"People and quality of service"

"The awesome people"

"Fast, efficient, and friendly"

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Total Care Pharmacy!! I feel special that I'm known as a person, not a refill number."

"The caring staff."


"Great people and great service"

"Everyone is so nice and sweet! They really are concerned, and care about my well being."

"Personal service"

"Everything from the great friendly customer service, to the cleanliness of the facility."

"Local people"

"The personal service and friendly atmosphere"

"They know me, and are very helpful and fast."

"The people"

"Your whole staff."

"Fast friendly service with better prices than competitors."

"Friendly quality service"

"Everything. Never had a problem at Total Care Pharmacy. Very friendly and efficient."

"Very knowledgeable and helpful"

"Personable service and willing to go the extra mile!"

"Friendly staff; an excellent resource; exceptional customer service!"

"Friendly atmosphere with a willingness to assist customers."

"Knowledgeable; always ready to help; treat you like a person, not a number"

"Friendly staff"

"Personal experience"

"Price and safety"

"Very friendly"

"Friendly; knows my name and face"

"Great folks to deal with!!"


"I love the way I am treated as a person and customer. Their focus is on the person, not the profit margin."

"How quickly prescriptions are ready."

"Pharmacists and staff"

"I have a name - not just a prescription number."

"Fast, efficient service at the drive through."

"Feeling like you are not just a number. They make an effort to learn who you are."

"Everyone is so friendly, and they have me in and out normally within 5min."

"The people who work there are so friendly and caring."

"Personnel, personal care, familiarity, and location"

"Love the personal attention that you do not get from other big name pharmacies. Plus, the prices are amazing!"

"LOVE the friendliness and that you know my name!"

"Exceptional staff. Exceptional care."

"Professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. Great customer service."

"The employees' friendly attitudes."

"Friendly and excellent service!"

"Everyone is always so friendly and the pharmacists are very helpful."

"Everyone is in a good mood, even if it's chaotic. Everyone is very helpful and nice, unlike my other pharmacy that I used to use."

"The people"

"Staff and location"

"Competent staff, friendly, and dependable"

"Customer service is by far the best ever, at a pharmacy. Thanks"

"The way you work to make sure I get my prescriptions in a timely matter. The friendly staff."

"Everyone is so nice."

"I've loved this pharmacy, and all of the staff, since the day it opened!"

"Everyone is very helpful and friendly. They go out of their way to assistant you."

"They're the best at everything."

"Personal attention"

"Always consistent and helpful"

"Friendly and efficient"

"Your drive up window; everyone is sweet & helpful; you help me with prices since I don't have insurance"

"Pharmacist owned; local"

"Customer service"

"Everyone at Total Care Pharmacy treats you like family. They are very considerate of your time. I have never waited more than 5 minuets picking up a prescription."

"Prices and convenience"

"They know you by name and face."


"The Pharmacists care!"

You can help Total Care Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!