Dawn S.

Even when the area had a power outage for a couple of days, they were still able to help customers out with their prescriptions. They delivered medications to their customers who were not able to get out and pick up for themselves.

Ellen H.

I love Total Care. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is super nice and don't mind helping you at all!!! So glad I switched to Total Care!!!

Jennifer B.

Amazing care and customer service from everyone who works there!

Keith H.

Awesome, fast service and great prices.

Nora S.

My favorite pharmacy!

Meredith J.

Everyone from the pharmacists tot he cashiers are so kind and knowledgeable. They even offered after hours weekend delivery which was such a blessing! And, from sponsoring little league sports teams to displaying art projects from schools, Total Care understands how to support and give back to Alamance County.

Chris N.

This is my new pharmacy from now on. My insurance stopped covering a certain medication. (Chain pharmacy) wanted $140 for a one month generic supply. Total Care's price, less than $15. My prescription was transferred, filled and I was out the door in less than 10 minutes. Awesome place.

Erica W.

Total Care is the best place to go for prescriptions in the area! They provided excellent customer service and went above and beyond to ensure our questions were answered and that insurance covered the prescription. Wherever possible, I try to use local, small businesses and I was not disappointed here! Highly recommend!


My husband and I moved all our prescriptions to Total Care Pharmacy over a year ago and they haven't let us down. The experienced and courteous sales and pharmacists staff says it all. They look out for our best well being and price. We left a bigger drug store because of phone calls and harassment by computer program generated reminder calls. I love Total Care...words just can't express the down home feeling of friendliness and their eagerness to provide quality products and service.

Angie B.

I love this place. I used to use (Chain pharmacy), but it took forever and they were very rude so I switched to Total Care. They (greet) you when you come in and feels like a family pharmacy. I have never had a problem. I highly recommend anyone to check them out.

Nik C.

This place is absolutely amazing. (Chain Pharmacy) did not have a much needed prescription and did not know when they would have it in stock. There is just no way I could stop this important medication. (Chain Pharmacy) actually told ME to call around to local pharmacies to see if anyone had it in stock. I called (another chain pharmacy) who did not, and then thought of Total Care, who also fills prescriptions for my mom's dog! They closed in 30 minutes, HAD it in stock and were willing to call (original chain pharmacy) to get the prescription so I could pick it up that day (even though I still had a few). Not only that, they were *nice about it!* I've decided to change all of my prescriptions to them.

Raymond and Sara W.

You guys are the best!

Bonnie H.

I love Total Care Pharmacy! Their service is the best & never ends......

Suzanne P.

So helpful!! Donna is the best!

Hilda S.

I love all of you!

Diana W.

I love Total Care!!

Gary and Margaret S.

We have really enjoyed the service and friendly employees.

Misty C.

I appreciate all the years of wonderful care, kindness and service you all have given me.You've been so wonderful to me. I've been a customer of Broughton's for 28 years and have totally trusted him all of those years, and then Steve and Robbin.

Miriam C.

The staff at Total Care is Totally Caring! They are helpful, friendly, courteous and they even have Girl Scout cookies! Great pharmacy!

Amy N.

Total Care Pharmacy is a caring, helpful and awesome place. The staff is the best around. I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else for my meds.

Ruth C.

Thanks for all you do. Nicest drug store and people I've ever dealt with.

Ann W.

Ann W.

I so appreciate the personal care and professional expertise. (Even when) I am not next in line, I am recognized and greeted warmly. I receive personal attention to my questions and needs. Total Care is perfect for me.

Jinjin B.

Extremely knowledgeable. You all take the time to discuss issues with me. No long waiting times. Your staff is willing to compare prices of similar products for me.

Mark and Jeanie R.

Thank you to all the staff here that make us feel so welcome and help us in any way they can. We are thankful for your kindness and care.

Rena S.

  • Thankful
  • Of
  • Three
  • Artisans
  • Local
  • Compassionate
  • And
  • Reliable
  • Energetic Gentlemen
  • Glad you (Broughton Sellers) planned a retirement in which you give back to the community.

Margaret P.

You can't be beat!! I have loved you for years!

Gregg L.

Best customer service - ever!

Cynthia P.

The staff is awesome and always so friendly. It's like stepping back in time to the days when customer service was job one.

Martha M.

You are the "Total" best! Thank you for your wonderful service and care.

Charles C.

Not enough words in the English language to describe how great you all are.

Ginger B.

I do love Total Care...your staff and your pharmacists act like they really care about me and my meds. It's such a delight to have an "old fashioned" pharmacy I can always count on!